Work Furlough in Kern County

Various programs exist in California and Kern County to avoid actual jail time. For example, work furlough may be available to defendants who are sentenced to county jail for a DUI, imprisoned in jail for nonpayment of a fine, or ordered to serve time in jail as a condition of probation.  With this program arrangement, the defendant is allowed to continue his or her regular employment or participate in job training or educational programs. When the defendant is not working or participating in the training or educational programs, he or she is confined in a facility designated for work furlough confinement.  Participation in a work furlough program is subject to the approval of the work furlough administrator.  A defendant seeking this alternative should ask his or her attorney to request the program prior to sentencing.  Pursuant to relevent case law in California, the kern county judge alone does not have jurisdiction to place defendant directly in work furlough. The court may preclude a defendant’s participation by ordering, at the time of sentencing, that the defendant not be granted work furlough. Under Penal Code section 1209, the court may allow the defendant to serve his or her jail time on weekends. If jail weekends are given, the court usually specifies the day and hour that the defendant is to report to jail and the day and hour of release.

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