What Can You Expect To See In Traffic Court?

Kern County judges and commissioners handle the traffic court calendar call in various ways. Some have prepared a videotape which is played in the courtroom at the beginning of the calendar before the judge or commissioner takes the bench. The purpose of the videotape is to give the defendants facing a speeding ticket an overview of their procedural rights, their options regarding pleas, the range of sentences, the consequences of a particular plea, the traffic violation points that may be assessed, the effect that a particular plea may have on their insurance rates, the option of attending traffic violator school, and how to arrange for payment of any fine that may be imposed. Other Judges prefer to cover these matters in person immediately after taking the bench. Some judicial officers give the defendants a printed advisement in place of or in addition to an oral advisement. An advisement form that might be used as either a spoken or written form.

Some Judges have found that an efficient way to manage the arraignment calendar is to advise the defendants that their names will be called in alphabetical order and that they should have their documents, such as proof of registration, insurance, or correction, in hand to show to the court. When they hear their name called, they should come forward to the podium, state their plea, and present any documents to the clerk. Many judicial officers call several defendants forward at a time (e.g., all defendants whose last names begin with the letters A through D, etc.). They ask the first defendant to take his or her place at the podium, and ask the others to line up in the aisle outside the rail. Calling several defendants forward and asking them to be ready to proceed speeds up the disposition of cases, saving time for both the court and the defendants.

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