Arrested for a DUI in Kern County, But Live Out of the Area?

Kern County is an attraction for many.  For some it is due to business, whether it be oil, agriculture, wind farms, the military, or any other number of industries that thrive in the region.  Every year the area sees hundreds of good decent visitors stopped and arrested for DWI, thrown in a local jail and then booted out with a citation to appear in a local Court that the individual knows nothing about, or even where to find it.  When that trip turns into a nightmare due to a DUI arrest, who you gonna call?  One resource is Bruce Blythe, a local Kern County DUI Attorney who has lived in the area all his life and has been practicing drunk driving defense for well over 15 years.  His law firm focuses on these types of charges and, for many, he has been a lifesaver.  The law allows a lawyer to appear for the client on a driving under the influence cases so the individual will not have to travel back to the state if they live elsewhere.  Another advantage to hiring a local law firm is that they know the D.A that will be trying the case as well as the DMV hearing officers who will be presiding over any license suspension matters pertaining to the arrest.  DUI in Kern County carries with it rather stiff consequences so a person facing a court date is well advised to retain a professional that can advocate for the accused and eliminate the serious ramifications that can, and often do, flow from a criminal charge.

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