I was arrested for DUI in Kern County and cannot go to Court, what are my options?

Persons arrested for drunk driving are typically given a court date to answer to the charges, this appearance is  called an arraignment and is the time when a plea is entered to the allegations of driving while under the influence.  The court is there to act as an arbiter as to whether the state of california can prove you to be guilty of the crime.  The court does not file charges, the district attorney in Kern county is responsible for that.  The charges are filed in what is known as a complaint.  The complaint is filled with the date of the offense, the official charges and the information that the D.A. needs to prosecute you.

For many, a DUI charge in Kern county is difficult to deal with because they live in another county or perhaps even another state.  if you have been arrested in Bakersfield the court date will usually be about 3-4 weeks after the arrest.  The Court Process for a Bakersfield DUI can be quite complex so most judges will advise you to hire the services of a local attorney.  The attorney can go to court for you and attempt to resolve the allegations with the prosecution.  The other option is to go to court yourself which is not recommended.  The DA is a legal professional and you are not so you will be outgunned unless you have had extensive legal training.

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