Does a DUI with an Accident Result in Jail Time?

The laws within the state of California do not differentiate between a DUI where someone was in an accident versus a driving under the influence where the person did not crash.  The only difference would be if the accident resulted in an injury to an occupant of either vehicle.  This offense would be a VC 23153 crime which carries mandatory jail if the person is charged with a felony.  Jail time can be served in a number of alternatives such as work release or electronic monitoring.  In Kern County the Judge could allow for a non-jail sentence if the defendant was willing to comply with reasonable terms such as an ankle bracelet or submit to the sheriffs work program.  It must be emphasized however that jail is not always imposed.  The District Attorney could agree to a non jail disposition if that is what is worked out with the lawyers.  As with any other crime, if the offense involved damage to property then restitution will be ordered as a term of probation.

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