Maximum Enforcement In Effect For Kern County

Years end is historically a busy time for DUI enforcement in California, the CHP has all available officers on the roads looking for erratic driving or any other vehicle code violation in order to pull drivers over and check their level of sobriety.  What is the best advice to avoid being part of the statistics?  Don’t drive after drinking any amount of alcohol.  But is it legal to drink and then drive after consuming one drink?  For most the answer is yes it is legal.  Despite what MADD and other groups feed the media, the law makes it illegal to drink and drive only if the person’s BAC is at or above a .08 or the person is impaired.  The law presumes that a driver is not under the influence or impaired if their level is below a .05 percent, which would be the level of most who have had only one drink.

What is a good rule of thumb for people who do not have a designated driver and choose to imbibe and later drive?  Here is a safe rule of thumb:  If you drink, your body will burn off that drink in one hour, so if you have a glass of wine, a glass of beer or a mixed drink and wait for one hour you will likely be at a .00 percent BAC.

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