5 New Changes Coming In 2014 For DUI

December 26, 2013

Every year the California lawmakers come up with new laws pertaining to DUI and other criminal related matters.  For 2014 the new laws will not be anything big or groundbreaking but there will be changes.

First, expect that fines for all drunk driving charges will increase.  The Courts i Kern County will impose higher assessments on fines for convictions including VC23152 and VC23153.  The additional penalties will not be huge but will increase, anywhere from 5 to 10 percent is the expected amount.  The Courts will nevertheless maximize the changes to get the most rom every offender

Second, the DMV is expected to impose harsher penalties for license suspensions even for first time offenders.  This will come in the form off a refusal to allow for any credit for the initial 30 day APS suspension required by law for anyone found to be driving with a .08 or higher.

Third, the ignition interlock requirement for DUI will be expanded to allow for more people to be required to install an IID on there car if found guilty of driving under the influence of either alcohol or drugs.

Fourth, the DUI schools are expected to charge more for the class mandated  by the Judges for drunk driving and its related statutes.  The increases will amount to about 5 percent and will take effect sometime in the next few months.  The schools will also likely reduce the fee waivers handed out to low income students.

Lastly, the fifth change will take the form of a more heavy handed approach by law enforcement when stopped for suspected driving while impaired.  The Kern County CHP has enacted new policies for the treatment of those pulled over for DWI.  The discretion given to cops will diminish substantially.