Top 5 Things To Ask When Searching For a DUI Attorney In Kern County

With today’s internet so vast and confusing, many folks fall short when searching for professionals such as attorneys and the like.  If you or  a friend need a DUI attorney in Kern County here are a few things to ask about when speaking to a prospective lawyer:

1.  How long have you been practicing?  This is very important because the les experience an attorney has the more he or she will need to research issues and legal questions.  Look for someone with at least 15-20 years experience.

2.  Do you know the local Judges and DA’s?  Look for someone who can name the Judge that will be presiding over the case.  Do not expect that the lawyer has a personal friendship with the people involved but simply knows their demeanor and their thinking process.

3.  Do you charge a flat fee?  This will keep costs low and avoid surprises down the road.

4.  Can I reach you if I have a question or concern?  Ask if the attorney will provide his or her personal cell number to keep in touch and avoid the need to go through a secretary or paralegal.

5.  Are you located in Kern County?  The Law Firm must have a foot print in the community, avoid attorneys who must drive in from LA or outside the area





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