How To Get Your License Back After A DMV Suspension

January 31, 2015

Under the Administrative Per Se laws in Kern County and throughout California, the DMV will seek to suspend the license of anyone caught driving with an alcohol level of .08 or more in their blood. If this is proven then the mandatory suspension is anywhere from a minimum of 4 months, up to a maximum of one year. A hearing will be held to determine if the suspension will be imposed. If after the hearing you receive a letter notifying you that the suspension will take place, don’t panic there are steps you can take to obtain an early reinstatement of your driving privileges sooner than the imposed term.

If the suspension was issued for 4 months you can get a restricted license after only 30 days. Here is the step by step process to follow to get your drivers license from the California DMV:

1. Get enrolled in the DUI school, the minimum is the AB541 3 month class. You can start the program early, even before any Court orders if you tell them you want to “self enroll” for DMV purposes. You will need to bring a copy of the decision that was mailed to you. Make sure the program files the enrollment certificate with the DMV. In Kern County there are two main providers of DUI classes, STEPS (661) 871-3353 and TAASK (661) 322-8862. They each have locations throughout Bakersfield and the surrounding cities.

2. Make sure you have an SR-22 filed with the DMV. An SR22 is nothing more than an official proof that you have the minimum required proof of insurance mandated by the DMV. You cannot simply send in the little card you got from the insurance company, that will not be sufficient. The proof must be sent in by the insurance company in order to comply with CA law.

3. You must pay a re-issue fee to the California Department of Motor Vehicles. This fee ranges from $140 to $240 dollars and must be submitted in order to receive your original license.
Lastly, make sure you have no outstanding tickets or “holds” on your license such as tickets you never paid or any FTA or failure to appear, unpaid child support, etc.

If you satisfy each of the conditions above.  After 30 days your license will be re-issued and allow you to drive to and from work, during employment, to and from your school and classes, Court, etc.  After 5 months you will be fully reinstated.