Checking The Status Of Your Traffic Case


If you hired our Law Firm to defend you in a traffic case and are wondering what the status of your case is, this should help:

Initially when you retained the lawyer you were provided a letter attached to the retainer agreement explaining  the process of fighting a traffic violation in Kern County. You can refer to that letter for further information regarding all the steps involved.  In the mean time here is what has happened since you last spoke with us:

We contacted the Court and set a Court date for arraignment on the case. We entered a not guilty plea at this initial appearance and are given a trial to resolve the ticket.  You will be contacted once the case is resolved, there is nothing you need to do in the mean time and there is typically nothing new to report or “update”  you about until we appear at the trial. That date will be anywhere from 45-90 days out from the initial appearance date.

To recap, we are handling the case and there is nothing you need to do but be patient and allow us to go through the process.  Once again, there is no need to contact us for “updates” as there are none.

Once we resolve your case we will contact you immediately via email and report the outcome.

Thank you again for you inquiry and we appreciate your patience during the lengthy process of fighting your traffic ticket in Kern County.

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