The CHP Pulled Me Over On Interstate 5 For Speeding, What Can I Do?

The CHP actively patrols the Interstate 5 area of Kern County for speeders and reckless or drunk drivers.  They are most aggressive in this area due to the high number of deaths caused by accidents related to speed.  Most drivers are pulled over when the officer detects a high speed on their front or rear radar.  The units are passive which means they are always on and on mounted on the front dashboard and rear deck of the car.  In some cases the officer can observe fast drivers and estimate the speed based on training and experience.  At which time they may “pace” the suspect vehicle using their speedometer as a reference.  In either case a ticket may result which could then lead to other charges depending on what the officer observes during the contact.

If the charge is simply speeding, not DUI or reckless driving, then the driver gets a ticket to appear in Kern County Superior Court, often Lamont, Shafter or Bakersfield.  Our Attorneys can handle the case for you, we show up in Court and enter a not guilty plea, set the case for trial and then again show up at a future date to contest the ticket.  Bruce Blythe had fought all manner of tickets for 20 years and therefore is respected by the Courts as experienced and knowledgeable.  He boasts a near 90 percent dismissal rate for most speeding tickets due to his familiarity with the local Judges and officers that issue citations.  When the case cannot be completely thrown out he will negotiate a lesser charge or mitigate the offense for traffic school, lower fines, etc.


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