I Was Involved In A Hit and Run, What Should I Do?


If you were involved in a hit and run and it was alcohol related, many people make bad decisions that can be avoided.  Let’s face it, Being involved in a hit and run can be very nerve wracking, it is easy to make bad decisions after the incident but getting the right advice can be very important.

A commonly asked question is whether the involved party should report the car stolen following the hit and run accident. the short answer to this question is it is not advisable in that the report could result in additional felony charges if the crime is detected. This reaction seems to be the way to go to many people in that they think they can cover up the hit and run. The better option is to retain the services of a kern county criminal defense attorney who can advise the individual of proper courses of action.

In many cases, a detective or police investigator will call the suspected party in an attempt to extract inculpatory or incriminating admissions. Here, again the person would be well advised to have a lawyer on retainer to act as an intermediary, counselor and insulator from law enforcement and the danger of bad knee jerk decisions. A lawyer can insulate you from pointed questions that are sure to be difficult to answer such as whether you were drinking prior to the incident.

Also, many folks go to the police station after the incident in an attempt to get their car released only to discover that a “hold” has been placed on the vehicle and it can only be released when you give a statement to the detective assigned to the case.  Here again, the person is faced with either having to lie about the incident or confess, either of which will likely result in criminal charges.  Be wise, exercise your constitutional right to be represented by counsel.  The attorney can reach out to the detective in many cases and negotiate a release without the necessity of the client giving a statement.

Having the right and accurate legal advice during this very turbulent time is crucial to a favorable and just outcome of any hit and run case. The biggest mistake you can make is to listen to and follow the advise of a non-lawyer such as a friend, co-worker or relative. Our law firm has over twenty years experience handling serious hit and run allegations, contact us or visit Bakersfield DUI Attorney on the web for additional information and resources for any type of criminal case you may be facing.

In the vast majority of cases (over 90 percent) we have been successful in avoiding charges for our clients and kept their records clean.  When you consider that a DUI conviction can cost you over $15,000 and a misdemeanor or felony charge can easliy cost 10k or more to defend, hiring a lawyer early is well worth the money.

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