What Are The Consequences For A DUI in Kern County?

August 15, 2018

Normally, for a first offense DUI with no injury the Court will impose 36 months of summary probation that includes 2 days in jail, a fine of approximately $2000 that includes penalties and assessments, attendance in an approved first offender DUI school from 3-9 months, attendance in a MADD class and booking fees.  If you have an attorney, in most cases the jail can be avoided.

The Consequences for a DUI can increase if there is an accident, someone is hurt, children under the age of 14 are in the car, if you have priors or if you are speeding over 20 mph on a city street or 30 mph on a highway.

Bakersfield Court is a little different than other Kern County Courts such as Lamont, Mojave and Shafter.  It is best to contact an experienced DUI lawyer and consult with them prior to going to Court.