3 Rules When Hiring A DUI Attorney

Many feel intimidated when interviewing a lawyer for a DUI case, they feel reluctant to ask questions of a professional for fear of appearing disrespectful, don’t be.  The bottom line is hiring an attorney should be a lot like an employer hiring an employee.

1.  Ask the attorney’s experience in handing criminal cases.  Drunk driving is a criminal case so the experience should be related to criminal defense, not personal injury, divorce or civil.

2.  Ask the lawyer if his practice is in kern county.  If you case is here the attorney should have a real office here, not in Los Angeles or up north.

3.  Find out if the attorney has actually done dui trials before a jury.  The DA will have respect for a lawyer who can and will take a case to trial and not cave and plead his client out.

Once you are educated about the process you will feel comfortable knowing you are in charge and are informed to ask the right questions.

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