Kern County has been branded with a reputation statewide as being very harsh, some say even draconian, on DUI offenders.   This reputation is not completely without merit inasmuchas the county takes the honors of prosecuting and wimnning DUI cases with great success.  The county is situated in the center of the state and therefore gets travelers from all major cities that seek to get from Southern California to the North, or from Northern CA to Las Vegas and beyond.  As a local DUI Lawyer that has defended well over 2000 DUI cases in Kern County, the author puts his years of Courtroom experience forward and offers the readers a look into the inner workings of the Judicial System in Bakersfield and the outlying jurisdictions that lie within its borders.

Though certainly not the toughest county in the state of DUI and drunk driving, Kern County rivals the top contenders.  The aggressive prosecution is not becoming any less intense, particularly due to the policy of recruiting young zealous assistant district attorneys to pursue these types of cases.  many have a zero tolerance attitude towards drunk driver defendants and the only fruitful way to obtain a favorable result is to proceed to a jury trial where , at least, there is a prospect of getting a reasonable person to question the quantum of evidence and determine with an un-jaded eye whether the state’s case truly rises to the level of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

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