Client Testimonials

“Kern County DUI reduced to Wet Reckless”
Mr.Blythe was extremely knowledgeable and supportive during this very difficult time. This was my first negative interaction with the law. Thanks to Mr. Blythe’s technical knowledge, professionalism, and negotiating ability my sentence was reduced to a Wet Reckless resulting in no jail time, no DUI on my record and my driving licence not being suspended at any time during this event in my life. I would strongly recommend Mr. Blythe and his partner Mr. Ruff to any one going through this hardship.

“DUI In Kern County Dismissed!”
Bruce was hired for a DUI in Kern County, the arresting officer seemed like he was only interested in making an arrest and not in whether it was the right thing to do. Bruce went to court and never once tried to twist an arm to take a plea bargain. He was able to convince the DA to drop all charges in the case, not reduced to a lower charge but completely dropped, no probation, no fines, no schools, nothing on the record.

“Terrific Outcome”
“i hired Bruce for a DUI case in Bakersfield. Being in the military it was difficult to find someone local who really cared and knew the importance of my [Kern County] case. Mr. Blythe was always available to discuss the case and fought with the county to get my drunk driving charge dropped even though my alcohol level was way above the legal limit. He saved my carreer and my life, to say thanks is not enough!

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